Embryoscope Plus

Embryoscope Plus is a new generation incubator that uses time-lapse technology to allow us to continuously observe your embryos during their development undisturbed.

The Embryoscope plus has a built-in camera and microscope that take an image of your embryos every 5-10 minutes.The embryoscope plus advanced software to look at the time-lapse movies of your embryos to select the best ones for transfer and freezing.

The benefit of embryoscope plus

EmbryoScope+ is a state-of-the-art technology that enables a stable culture environment for embryos. Temperature is tightly regulated by direct heat contact and air is continuously purified through a HEPA/VOC filter. An integrated gas mixer allows the implementation of reduced oxygen conditions easily and economically. Small incubation chambers allow rapid recovery of culture conditions after door opening.

Embryo stays stationary in the incubator. There is no need to take the embryo out of the incubator to count the number of cells that the embryo divides and assess the grade of the embryo by looking at it with a microscope and shooting still images as standard methods that do. They are generally assessed every day 1,3 and 5 of the embryo culture. The removal of the embryo has a chance to interfere with the growth of the embryo.

How it help with success rate?

Embryoscope plus and evaluation improve IVF success

  • -Improved implantation rate
  • Time-lapse improves your chances of transferring a viable embryo, resulting in increased clinical outcome.
  • – Reduced pregnancy loss
  •  Selecting the most viable embryo for implantation also means reducing the percentage of pregnancies lost or aborted.