Freezing Technology

What is freezing technology?

Vitrification is a technology that is used in the embryo and egg freezing process so that they can be stored for later use. It is a technology that has many uses outside of fertility care with egg and embryo freezing, the main focus of the process is avoiding ice crystal formation as the fluid in the cell cools to subzero temperatures.An ice crystal is razor sharp and will readily shred any cell membrane,                Embryologist will take eggs or embryos are exposed to high concentrations of cryoprotectants to allow rapid dehydration of cells. So the eggs or embryos are loaded into tiny storage devices (usually straws) that will facilitate ultra-rapid cooling, and  the straws containing the eggs/embryos are cooled as fast as possible in liquid nitrogen (-196 degree).

Why you need it
vitrification leads a higher survival rate for frozen embryos than does slow freezing, and that the embryos after thawing found increased survival rate almost
90-100%, and increasing the pregnancy rate and to be able to preserve embryos and sperm for a long time.

What is benefit for freezing embryo, egg and sperm?  Embryo freezing may be a better option for  groups, such as:

  • People who are approaching an advanced reproductive age and who are not yet ready to have children .Freezing eggs, embryos, and sperm may also benefit for later use and maintains good egg quality because when you get older can have problems with ovarian function.
  • People with genetic disorders that affect reproduction
  • People who will soon undergo chemotherapy
  • People who take medications that affect fertility
  • In a freeze-all cycle, a doctor extracts an embryo, freezes it, and stores it.People may benefit from this process if they have a higher risk of ovarian stimulation syndrome. This is a rare and potentially dangerous condition that can arise when a person is receiving stimulating hormones to increase egg production.